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About Stringer Sites

Stringer Sites is a Dallas-based web developer specializing in custom web applications, geolocation and mapping services, extremely usable tools, and extraordinary web sites.

About Stringer Sites

What Does Stringer Sites Do?

Stringer Sites designs and builds custom web applications, creates extremely usable tools, and creates complex web sites. We also provide geolocation data, Google Maps and OSM map features for your site, and custom mapping services for sales, logistics, and planning. We build mission-critical software that supports your business.

What is a Custom Web Application?

A Stringer Sites custom web application far more than a simple web site. It is the digital equivalent of your facility. It is a symphony of moving parts that is manifestation of your business model. It is the tool that frees your employees to reach and support your customers. It is the engine that generates your revenue. It is nothing short of the key to your business’ success in the modern age.

Why Choose Stringer Sites?

Stringer Sites web applications are custom-built, well-designed, and thoroughly usable tools that support your business. Each project solves a unique problem that cannot be addressed by some cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf product. We believe that software should fit your business model, not the other way around.

I believe software should be bent to fit the client's business model. Not the other way around.

- Steve Stringer -

Stringer Sites Services and Expertise

Our projects are as diverse as our clients. At any given time, we're working on multiple projects spread across our areas of expertise

  • Custom web application development 90%
  • Care and feeding of deployed systems 75%
  • Ecommerce, encryption and security 66%
  • UIX design and testing 40%

Stringer Sites provides a full range web development solutions

Custom Web Development:

  • Custom web application development
  • Database schema design, optimization and scalability
  • GIS application development, geolocation services, and cartography
  • Linux system administration and infrastructure design
  • UIX, visual tool design, and neat usability tricks
  • Data visualization and Executive Information System design
  • Ecommerce integration and PCI compliance
  • Custom framework development
  • API development
  • Crisis management & online security
  • Encryption and security
  • Project management and team building
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Localization and Internationalization

Consultation Services:

After 22 years in software development, and 12 years in web development, Stringer Sites offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Web server security, infrastructure, and scaling
  • MySQL optimization
  • Geolocation and map development
  • Ecommerce security and PCI Compliance
  • Authorize.net, Paymentech, and PayPal integration
  • Map and tile server provisioning
  • Large-scale project management
  • Localization and internationalization
  • Quality assurance and unit testing

Development Expertise:

Stringer Sites specializes in systems using the following languages and frameworks:

I take pride in my long-term relationships with many of my clients. I view my work as more of a partnership in their success rather than being a typical consultant.

- Steve Stringer -

About Steve Stringer

While we can bring together a group of talented individuals to meet the needs of any size project, Stringer Sites is run primarily by Steve Stringer. Get to know the man behind the sites.

Steve Stringer

Principal Developer, Owner

Stringer Sites is run by Steve Stringer, a 22-year veteran of the software industry. With a unique background that blends fine arts, software engineering, and business, Steve is able to tackle almost any type of project with experience and skill.


After receiving his BA from Tulane University in New Orleans, Steve moved to the powdered slopes of Park City, Utah, where he received his MBA from the University of Utah. While at the UofU, Steve started his career in software development in 1994 by working at Unisys creating custom executive reporting systems.

Video Game Production

After graduation, Steve moved to Los Angeles to work for Activision producing video games internally and through Business Development. During a career that took him from Activision to Electronic Arts to Atari, Steve produced dozens of projects and was privileged to work with some of the finest creative talent in the gaming industry. Steve is currently an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University's Guildhall teaching team game production.

Web Development

In 2004, Steve took his experience in project management and business development and his passion for web development to start Stringer Sites. 12 years and dozens of projects later, Stringer Sites has grown in capacity and expertise. In recent years, Steve has specialized in developing custom back-end systems that support entire businesses.


Unexpectedly, Steve discovered a passion for cartography and GIS application development as an R&D off-shoot of another project. In 2010, Steve launched MapTechnica.com, offering a variety of data products to support GIS application development and custom map creation services for customers around the world.

When he's not developing software or creating maps, Steve is active in the web development community promoting web standards and best practices through conference lectures and participation in community forums and advisory councils.

10 fun facts about Steve
(one of which is false):

  1. He is a rabid soccer fan.
  2. He wants to be an F1 race car driver when he grows up.
  3. He has visited all but two continents; only Australia and Antarctica are left.
  4. He has circumnavigated the the world on a ship. (Someone else was steering.)
  5. He has lived in 8 different states, three twice.
  6. He has skied 100 days in a single season.
  7. He has an MBA and a BA in English, film, and photography, neither of which pays the bills.
  8. He is a practiced yogi with over 2,000 hours and counting.
  9. His favorite spot on the planet is 19°49’53.80"N, 155°59’7.10"W
  10. He is happily married to his wife, Elizabeth, and they have a daughter named Cate.

Which is false? Click to reveal the answer.

Stringer Sites By the Numbers:

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Over the past 12 years, Stringer Sites has been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic clients on a variety of projects, large and small. These range from massive, proprietary, multi-national logistics and ecommerce backends such as Games2U's G2UWare, to our own mapping data and services platform, MapTechnica.com, to marketing sites such as PFAMilyArts.org and PremierMinerals.com.

The following are a few of our clients and projects. Sadly, we've outlasted many of our clients' sites so links are not available for every tile below.

PFAMily Arts
Robot Entertainment Forums
Guildhall at SMU Registration System
Home Town Locator
Neighborhood Appeal
Premier Minerals
Katie and the Magic Umbrella
Kristine Kahanek
Guildhall TGP Grading Tool
Donna Beckham
Flektor Forum
Global Products Source
Out of the Pan
Texas Pocket Springs
United Home Health Care
UT Dallas 20/20 Program
Nichols Applied Technology
Rymer Homes
Sundry Online


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